The Blue Dragon Qigong healing system is a modern Qigong based on a deep synthesis of ancient trainings, created by Rhyn Nasser and influenced by his training in the mountains of China with many great Tao masters. Designed with the modern day person in mind to awaken their energy body and live in more choice, empowerment and flow.

Understanding that new practitioners may find it hard to adapt to a simple and regular practice for health, spiritual stage growth and wellness, Rhyn has created the set with the principles of, flow, empowerment and simplicity at the heart of this healing system. 


1000’s of people have practiced this set and reported incredible results; from subtle benefits empowering their day, to direct life transformation that has influenced  people’s lives, health and destiny in a positive direction. 


The Blue Dragon Qigong set, from a developmental perspective, follows Taoist principles of naturalness, simplicity and the power found in softness. 


There are no complex movements in the Blue Dragon Qigong Set which enables practitioners to gain the benefits sooner. This supports practitioners in building a better energetic aura and foundation for their body’s overall health.


Stage growth, energetic development and consciousness growth


The complete Blue Dragon Qigong healing and awakening system moves through 5 stages of growth, awakening and transformation. Which include, energetic development and breath work, Qigong fundamentals, group work, 5 stages of consciousness and energetic training to live a more easeful, responsible and expansive life. The Blue Dragon Qigong teachers have specific internal training to graduate and pass through, which is different to the public set we share. This is the same with most ancient systems. This is in order to insure the Teacher can hold the space and transmission of the work and field as well as guide their students deeper, if the student so chooses to do so. This journey is also integral consciousness friendly. 


The purpose of the Blue Dragon is to develop a relationship to the earth and awaken the energy body through soft movements that are consistent to building chi, or life force energy. 


As chi builds, we harmonize with the earth and consciousness naturally follows, which allows stage growth to happen more successfully. 


So the Blue Dragon is known to activate the inner purpose of the practitioner as well as the inner magical mystery of the Tao.





  • Blue Buddha healing and wisdom 

  • Energetic healing and awakening 

  • Dantain and womb living 

  • Restore the first stage of self worth

  • Link mind body and soul to living 

  • Activate the power of choice 

  • Natural alignment to earth 🌍 energy.

*Please note that teacher training is available for

Embodied IChing Practitioners Only